Don’t talk to me about Usopp. DON’T YOU DARE TALK TO ME ABOUT BLOODY USOPP. because i will cry

Happy Ides of March!

(This is the smaller of two things I made for the Ides, the bigger thing will turn up later tonight)

Something I found on my laptop. Man I really need to draw my OCs more often!

(I think you should be able to read the text but if you can’t just open it in a new tab)

A bit late but here’s my entry for the Raffles Secret Santa! This is for dreadpiratepond who wanted Raffles being a jerk and having to apologise, which lead me to my favourite genre: CHEEZY FLUFFY ANGST. ⊙◡⊙

I’m sorry, you probably wanted a happy ending, but this really isn’t happy at all. Ugh you stupid dorks, stop breaking my heart with your fucked up relationship! D:<

Disclaimer: If someone treats you the way Raffles treats Bunny you shouldn’t actually forgive them. Just punch them in the dick, take their wallet and run.

Did someone say Doctor Who 50th anniversary? [arrives 3 weeks late with fanart]