Palette meme: part 11 // Oh my gosh I love these two - what a great team! (Guest starring mysterious tentacles)

Palette meme: part 9 // Y’know, I can really relate to this guy… we have the same outlook on life.

Palette meme: part 8 // Ah yes, my favourite grumpy ol’ hoarding wizard.

Palette meme: part 6 // Oh my gosh, a thousand blessings on your head! I can’t even describe how happy this request made me! :D (and such a nice palette for him too!)

Palette meme: part 5 // Bunny’s just this little baby faced dork who writes bad poetry and cries a lot, so I mean, there’s only so much I can do in the badass department.

Palette meme: part 4 // Well I tried!

Palette meme: part 3 // Don’t worry friend, Holmes and Watson are always welcome in my life! (I’ll draw characters from any fandom as long as I know it and don’t hate it with a passion)