Some quick cover art I made for some playlists for my OCs. I really need to draw more of these gross nerds! (and hopefully these playlists will serve as some inspiration for that)

Here’s the links for the two people who care: Ben | Lud | Kowa | Tomas

Don’t talk to me about Usopp. DON’T YOU DARE TALK TO ME ABOUT BLOODY USOPP. because i will cry

Happy Ides of March!

(This is the smaller of two things I made for the Ides, the bigger thing will turn up later tonight)

Something I found on my laptop. Man I really need to draw my OCs more often!

(I think you should be able to read the text but if you can’t just open it in a new tab)

A bit late but here’s my entry for the Raffles Secret Santa! This is for dreadpiratepond who wanted Raffles being a jerk and having to apologise, which lead me to my favourite genre: CHEEZY FLUFFY ANGST. ⊙◡⊙

I’m sorry, you probably wanted a happy ending, but this really isn’t happy at all. Ugh you stupid dorks, stop breaking my heart with your fucked up relationship! D:<

Disclaimer: If someone treats you the way Raffles treats Bunny you shouldn’t actually forgive them. Just punch them in the dick, take their wallet and run.