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I read this Raffles pastiche set in modern times in which Bunny was a huge homophobic asshole and there was this running gag that he always got served fruity drinks so he had to flush them down the toilet and pour them over potted plants because obviously he couldn’t drink gay drinks like that. It was terrible, not to mention horribly ooc. :(

So really there’s no point to this little comic other than me wanting to draw Bunny being fruity and drinking fruity drinks with no shame! You go, Bun! Drink all the fruity drinks!

Little Raffleses to go with the little Bunnies.

Since some people expressed an interest in buying these as stickers, I am now offering just that. Please go here for more information!

Palette meme: part 11 // Oh my gosh I love these two - what a great team! (Guest starring mysterious tentacles)